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Bunji Saeki
Bunji Saeki
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Maintenance Technician and Chief Engineer of the UFDA's Rescue Vehicles
Season: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force
Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire
First Appearance: Kyosuke's Partner: Rescue Dozer
Last Appearance:
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Actor: Shihou Harumi

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Character History

Rescue Force

Bunji's first appearance

Bunji's first appearance

Bunji first appeared when Kyousuke went to the garage to request to him the construction of a Rescue Vehicle built to work alongside his Rescue Saver. Annoyed, he revealed that there is already a vehicle like the one he described: The Rescue Dozer. He refused to give it to Kyosuke as he deemed it too powerful and dangerous to use, even Captain Ishiguro could not control it when it was assigned to him years ago and it went on a rampage, damaging equipment and the other vehicles. Captain Ishiguro came to talk to him about maybe giving Kyousuke a chance, but Bunji refused as he thought Kyosuke couldn't control it. He stated as Dozer was his creation, he still maintained it because his Rescue Vehicles are like his "sons" and they have his fiery passion inside them. Kyosuke overhears this and once again tries to appeal to him to use Dozer, but is rejected again by the engineer.

During a rescue operation, Neo Thera used a barrier on their Terra Resetter to block the Final Rescue attacks. Bunji observes this and discovers over the comm links that R3 stole Rescue Dozer and loaded it onto Rescue Phoenix. Angry that despite his warning, Kyousuke was still determined to use the dangerous vehicle. After realizing that all other options were no good and the Terra Resetter was going to detonate, Bunji told Captain Ishiguro to take a chance on R2 and deploy Rescue Dozer. Bunji watched his creation perform its first Rescue Fusion and battle the Terra Resetter, getting excited and cheering it on as it defeated the machine. Captain Ishiguro told Bunji that he would scold Kyousuke for his insubordination and apologized for the theft of Rescue Dozer. Bunji appreciated the gesture and said he would now maintain Rescue Dozer properly for active duty. Bunji then joyously told his mechanic crew to get ready to prep for deployments as now with Rescue Dozer up and running, they would be busy. Kyosuke's Partner: Rescue Dozer

The Battle with Maen

Decisive Battle! God Striker Wins Bunji showed off his latest creation to the Rescue Force team: The Rescue Diver, the successor of the Rescue Saver. He stated it was the only vehicle they had for deployment after the reckless use of God Striker totaled the other Rescue Vehicles, which were still being repaired. He also said they were developing another new Rescue VehicleWelcome the Rescue Diver: Farewell, Commander Ishiguro

Rescue Fire

Bunji with Riku at the hospital

Bunjji tries to convince Riku to rest after nearly getting himself killed testing the Fire Suits


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Behind the Scenes

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