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Core Striker

Core Striker

Core Striker is a blue Nissan 300ZX police car that belongs to Hikaru Todoroki. It also serves as the cockpit for Rescue Striker. The AI is the most emotional of all the other small vehicles.  To catch up with Hikaru's burning Rescue Soul, Core Striker was upgraded into Core Striker Max.

Days as Core Striker

Core Striker Max

Core Striker Max

Core Striker Max

Core Striker Max is a Nissan 350Z. Its speed is 600 kph (373 MPH). Because of the velocity, Core Striker Max is launched by Rescue Phoenix in Spiral Catapult mode. The upgraded Core Striker's speed limit is 120%. When the limiter is released, Core Striker can go much faster, though its exact top speed is unknown.

The AI

The AI of Core Striker had to get some time in order to get used to Hikaru. So it would refer to him as "New Face". It would usually be amazed at Hikaru's unpredicted acts of rescue. As a result, the AI felt it could no longer keep up with Hikaru and asked Ishiguro to replace him. Instead, the captain upgraded the car into "Max". Now it could understand Hikaru's mind and now refer to him by his code name, R1.

Core Striker's AI was shown to have a little human humor and antics. Once, it "slapped" Hikaru on the back with its car door.


A few of the smaller vehicles had the name "Core Striker" and sometimes share the same design.

Core Striker Captain

This black police car belongs to Eiji Ishiguro, R5. The car's designs are similar to Core Striker. Only the captain is allowed to use it. It served as the cockpit for Zero Fire and Rescue Crane .

Core Striker Fire

Core Striker Fire is Reiji Osakabe 's (R0) police car. It's black with flame designs. The vehicle served as the cockpit for Zero Fire during the Mach Train incident. Core Zero Fire's back bumper could extend to form a suit up chamber.


  • Core Striker Max's voice sounded different in Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire.
  • Core Striker is similar to K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider and TridoronIcon-crosswiki from Kamen Rider DriveIcon-crosswiki, as all three are artificially intelligent and autonomous high performance vehicles who have a human partner they become friends with.