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GaiaLeon (Beast Mode)
GaiaLeon (Beast Mode)
Number: none assigned
Pilot: n/a
Season: Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
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Length: 33 m
35 m
Width: n/a m
Height: n/a m
Weight: 155 tons
Speed: 80 km/h
250 km/h
GL Vehicle Mode

Vehicle Mode

GaiaLeon is a sentient A.I. lion themed Rescue Vehicle from Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire. It was developed by Bunji Saeki for Riku Taiga to use, but the mecha will work with anyone it acknowledges as having a burning Rescue Soul. Like the animal it is based off of, GaiaLeon is very prideful and acts on his own, thus it did not work with anyone but Riku at first, but Ritsuka and later the others gained his trust. It also possesses an alternate Vehicle Mode, a super construction excavator machine with twin drills, a shovel, and a bulldozer plow. In both modes. it is powered by a VVEL engine.

GaiaLeon's Final Rescue is the Leon Burst (レオンバースト Reon Bāsuto?), a charged freezing bullet which splits into four lion shaped bullet energy constructs that freeze an enemy then destroy it on contact. It can also execute the Double Impact Double Final Rescue with Rescue King, Rescue King rides on top of GaiaLeon who freezes the target by firing its Leon Burst while charging at it, then Rescue King slices the target with its X-Crash sword attack.


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Seeing Rescue King and the other vehicles getting trucked by Majin Sakaen, the chief recklessly jumped into battle with his car, bashing the giant majin with the default Safety Shield, before calling upon GaiaLeon, who wildly feasted upon Sakaen before finishing off with his finisher.

Two episodes later, with Great Wyvern GX's introduction out of the way, the team finally have their first (proper) interaction with GaiaLeon (excluding the end of his debut, when he roared at Fire-1 after the battle). He is unresponsive to the guys and their attempts to catch his attention, but reacts to Q-Suke (violently) as well as Fire-3, only their glances are so fierce that the guys have to pull her away.

Great Wyvern GX[]

Great Wyvern GX
Great Wyvern GX
Combined From: Fire Dragon
Dozer Dragon
Turbo Dragon
Jet Falcon
Heli Falcon
Length: 77 m
Weight: 391 tons
Speed: Mach 50

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