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"Tenkū Chakusō!"
―Activation call[src]

"Sky Up!"
―Transformation Phrase[src]

"Jet Burner!"
―Activation call for the Jet Caliber's thrusters[src]

Jet Caliber

Jet Caliber

The Suit-Up Flying Sword Jet Caliber (着装飛剣ジェットカリバー Chakusō Hiken Jetto Karibā?) or simply the Jet Caliber is the Rescue Fire Sky Team's transformation device and weapon. The two swords are usually housed in the steering wheels of Rescue Dash 4 and 5's cockpit until they are called upon for transformation. Like the Rescue Megaphone, it is a voice command input device, with a microphone attached to the pommel of the blade used to relay commands as well as a communicator for responding to dispatches from Rescue Phoenix.


  • Jet Mode (ジェットモード Jetto Mōdo?) The sword's default mode, stationed in the steering wheel of Rescue Dash's 4 and 5. It acts as the control unit for the Rescue Vehicles. When it is detached from the wheel, the Sky Team use it to relay the voice command for a Final Rescue, then use it as a scope to lock onto the target via a heads up display on their visors.
  • Jet Burner (ジェットバーナー Jetto Bānā?): By inputting the voice command "Jet Burner!", the Jet Caliber activates its jet turbine and ignites a powerful rocket thruster on the pommel of the blade, lifting the Sky Team into the air and granting them flight capability.
  • Sword Mode (ソードモード Sōdo Mōdo?): As a sword, the Jet Caliber can be used for combat. In Sword Mode, the Jet Caliber can execute the Falcon Charge attack, the Sky V Letter Slash (天空Vの字斬り Tenkū Bui no Ji Giri?), a flying maneuver where the wielder makes two angular slashes in the shape of a V, resulting in the Rescue Soul energy exploding on contact with the target.
  • Fire Extinguisher Mode (消火器モード Shōkaki Mōdo?): In Fire Extinguisher Mode, the Jet Caliber's turbine fires a high powered stream of water to put out fires.


  • Sky Up: The Sky Team equips into their Fire-4 and Fire-5 Fire Suits
  • Dash Go: Launches Rescue Dashes 4 and 5 from the Falcon Rescue Vehicles
  • Scramble: Summons a Rescue Vehicle
  • Falcon Charge: Channels the Sky Team's Rescue Soul to execute the Sky V Letter Slash attack.
  • Final Rescue: Executes a Final Rescue via voice command.
  • Falcon Up: Activates a Rescue Fusion. Primarily used to combine Heli Falcon and Jet Falcon into Super Jet Falcon.


  • Much like the Rocket Dagger from Engine Sentai Go-OngerIcon-crosswiki, the Jet Caliber grants its user rocket propelled flight.
  • Like many weapons in tokusatsu, the Caliber part of the name in Jet Caliber comes from the legendary sword Excalibur of Arthurian myth.

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