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Kaori Nose
Gender: Female
Ally Type: Florist
Season: Madan Senki Ryukendo
Homeworld: Earth
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Actor: Hiroko Sato

Kaori Nose is a florist that Kenji met during his first day in Akebono. Later she was deceived by Lady Gold to believe that Ryukendo had attacked Ichiko and Ritsuko.

Kenji is in love with Kaori but she does not seem to feel more affection for him other then that of a good friend. However, she seems to be concerned by Koichi and his strange friend (Zanryujin) to which she only hears his voice.

Kaori is also the leader of the local group of self-defense against the Jamanga.It is there that Kaori prompts Koichi to help train the other members, thinking that Koichi is very gallantly. That is why whenever Kenji sees them together he allows seems to get jealous.

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