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Rescue Breaker

Rescue Breaker (Mobile Mode)

The Rescue Breaker (レスキューブレイカー Resukyū Bureikā?) is Rescue Force's main multi-purpose Rescue Tool. Although its main purpose is rescue, it can also be used as a close-combat weapon.

While it was used by all members of Rescue Force, Fire-2 and Fire-3 from Rescue Fire also possess one each.


  • Mobile Mode - The tool's default standby mode. Since Break Hand is not usable in battle in any way, this is R4's primary choice for battle.
  • Break Hammer - Hammer mode, used to crush obstacles. It's also R1's standard weapon of choice.
    Break Hammer

    Break Hammer mode.

  • Break Axe

    Break Axe mode

    Break Axe (ブレイクアックス Bureiku Akkusu?)- The tool's axe mode. Used to break down doors, smash debris, and as a weapon. R2 and Fire-2 use this as their primary Breaker mode, and the latter can use it to execute the Axe Storm attack.
  • Break Pick - Pick mode, for tasks that require precision. Standard Breaker mode for R3 and Fire-3.
    Break Pick

    Break Pick mode

  • Break Hand - A claw mode used for removing objects that need to be handled cautiously. R4's standard tool.
    Break Hand

    Break Hand mode

  • Break Rope (ブレイクロープ Bureiku Rōpu?)- A grappling hook function used for scaling or descending from high places such as skyscrapers or for crossing gaps. Uses the Break Hand claw at the end of the rope to secure the line.
    Break Rope

    Break Rope mode

  • Break Drill (ブレイクドリル Bureiku Doriru?) - In this mode, the Break Hand end of the Rescue Breaker is locked in a closed position and spins as a powerful drill bit for use in rescues or as a weapon. However, it is usually not used with just the Breaker and is more often than not used in conjunction with the Crusher for the Drill Crusher combination.
    Break Drill

    Break Drill mode

    • Break Shot (front view)
    • Break Shot (camera lens)
    Break Shot - An analyzer tool that collects data on its surroundings so the Rescue Force team can be better prepared. Equipped with a digital camera for taking photos. Episode 16 has R3 and R4 use it to dig up a minefield to allow Turbo Saver to pass through.


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