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Rescue Crane 2
Rescue Crane
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Season: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force
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Weight: tons

Rescue Crane is the last Rescue Vehicle to be developed for Rescue Force. It serves as a combination component of Rescue Max as well as a Rescue Fusion vehicle. It was later upgraded in Rescue Fire to combine with Fire Dragon. By itself, Rescue Crane is equipped with a crane hook cable for lifting heavy objects and drills for piercing obstacles.


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Super Rescue Max Crane

Super Rescue Max Crane
Super Rescue Max Crane
Combined From: Rescue Striker
Rescue Diver
Rescue Crane

Super Rescue Max Crane is Rescue Max's ultimate form and the armament mode of Super Rescue Max. The combination utilizes Crane's long reach to attack Jukeins from afar, which can be lethal in conjunction with Diver's aerial capabilities. His finisher is Super Max Blaster, the strongest regular Final Rescue in Rescue Force's entire arsenal. Before the attack is even initiated, an ice pulse is created from Max's fingers, freezing the target. The attack begins with Crane's drill shooting out to pierce through the target, and pulls Max towards it so he can use his drill to destroy the opponent.

Additional Formations

  • By combining with the other rescue Vehicles and Fire Dragon, Rescue Crane can form the Cerberus Dragon Rescue Fusion vehicle.
  • While not shown in the series, the toy version of Rescue Crane could fuse with Rescue Striker to form Crane Striker.


  • Crane is a repaint and slight remold of Riser.


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