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Rescue Diver
Rescue Diver
Number: none assigned
Pilot: R2
Season: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Number of Episode

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Length: 25 m
Width: n/a m
Height: n/a m
Weight: tons
Speed: 120km (Drill mode)
Mach 3 (Flight Mode)

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Super Rescue Max

Super Rescue Max
Combined From: Rescue Striker
Rescue Diver

Super Rescue Max is the combination of Rescue Striker and Rescue Diver, and, as the name implies, is effectively a "super mode" of Rescue Max. The combination method is exactly the same as Rescue Max, only Diver replaces Saver and Max gains a pair of wings instead of a cannon being stored on his back. The combination combines Diver's flying skills and ice missiles with Max's "rip, tear, and kick" method of combat to overpower most enemies. His finisher is the Drill Blaster, which fires a drill-shaped ice beam to freeze the target before rushing through with Diver's drill.

Additional Formations

  • Rescue Diver could combine with the Medium-scale Rescue Vehicles to form various combinations.
    • With Rescue Riser, Rescue Diver could become Riser Saver.
    • With Rescue Shovel, Rescue Diver could become Shovel Saver.
    • With Rescue Drill, Rescue Diver could become Drill Saver.
    • With Rescue Turbo, Rescue Diver could become Turbo Saver.
    • With Rescue Dozer, Rescue Diver could become Dozer Saver.
  • Rescue Diver could combine with Rescue Striker, Rescue Saver, and all six Medium-scale Rescue Vehicles to form Great God Stiker.


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