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RForce-Rescue Saver
Rescue Saver
Number: none assigned
Pilot: R2
Season: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
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Length: m
Width: n/a m
Height: n/a m
Weight: tons

Rescue Saver (レスキューセイバー Resukyū Seibā?) is the primary all-terrain mecha of R2. It can separate into four smaller vehicles for Rescue Combination configurations, most notably for forming Rescue Max as it forms the head and limbs of the robot.

Its Final Rescue is the Flash Cannon (フラッシュキャノン Furasshu Kyanon?), a freezing cannonball of water fired from the cannon mounted on top of the center vehicle.


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Rescue Max

RForce-Rescue Max
Rescue Max
Combined From: Rescue Striker
Rescue Saver
Length: 14 m
Width: 13 m
Height: 20 m
Weight: 90 tons
Speed: 120 km/h (default speed)
200 km/h (during Final Rescue)

Rescue Max (レスキューマックス Resukyū Makkusu?) is a giant humanoid robot mecha Rescue Combination of Rescue Striker and Rescue Saver. Its power output is equal to 7,000,000 HP, making it an extremely tough machine. This Rescue Combination was originally conceived by Obuchi before his turn to evil and later developed in secret for six months after Daen's defeat by the UFDA using the blueprints hidden in his cane.

In addition to its humanoid form granting it melee attacks such as punches and kicks, Rescue Max can equip itself with other medium Rescue Vehicles to increase its attack power or grant it new abilities. Its feet have treads and rocket boosters that allow it fast manuvering and the ability to "rollerblade" across terrain.

Its Final Rescue is the Max Cannon (マックスキャノン Makkusu Kyanon?), where Rescue Saver's water cannon mounted on Rescue Max's back detaches and mounts onto the robot's right shoulder. The cannon then fires a super-charged blast of freezing water that immobilizes the target, an energy charged Rescue Max then rushes at the target and throws a powerful punch which shatters the target to pieces.

Additional Formations

  • Rescue Saver could combine with the Medium-scale Rescue Vehicles to form various combinations.
    • With Rescue Riser, Rescue Saver could become Riser Saver.
    • With Rescue Shovel, Rescue Saver could become Shovel Saver.
    • With Rescue Drill, Rescue Saver could become Drill Saver.
    • With Rescue Turbo, Rescue Saver could become Turbo Saver.
    • With Rescue Dozer, Rescue Saver could become Dozer Saver.
  • Rescue Max could combine with Rescue Drill and Rescue Dozer to form Rescue Max Drill-Dozer.
  • Rescue Saver could combine with Rescue Striker, Rescue Riser, Rescue Shovel, Rescue Drill, Rescue Turbo, and Rescue Dozer to form God Stiker.
  • Rescue Saver could combine with Rescue Striker, Rescue Diver, and all six Medium-scale Rescue Vehicles to form Great God Stiker.


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