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RForce-Rescue Striker
Rescue Striker
Number: none assigned
Pilot: R1
Season: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force
First Appearance: Final Rescue Approved: Explosive Suppression Complete!
Last Appearance:
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Length: 25 m
Width: n/a m
Height: n/a m
Weight: 50 tons
Speed: 250 km/h

The Rescue Striker (レスキューストライカー Resukyū Sutoraikā) is a large-scale water truck Rescue Vehicle. Its Final Rescue is the Water Cannon (ウォーターキャノン Wōtā Kyanon), using its firehose cannons to shoot a high pressure blast of liquid nitrogen and water at the target.


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Rescue Force

Rescue Fire

Because the second generation Rescue Vehicles were still being tested and built, Rescue Fire had to borrow Rescue Striker from the UFDA to stop Extreme Fires until all 3 of the vehicles could be completed. Upon deployment though, the old Rescue Vehicle was outmatched by the Flame Demon BikeEn and crashed after being chased by it and hit with a fireball, only to be saved by the arrival of its successor, Fire Dragon. After some off screen repairs, it was deployed again to buy Fire-1 time to deploy Fire Dragon when his Dash-1 vehicle was under attack by InuEn.

Destruction and Rebuild

R.I.P. Striker

Fire-1 watches in shock as Rescue Striker is destroyed by KaniTankEn

During one of the team's battles, Tatsuya damaged his Fire Dragon vehicle and it had to stay in the garage until it could be repaired. Captain Riku assigned Rescue Striker to him as a replacement until the repairs finished. However, the old machine could not stop the attack of TankEn, even its Final Rescue proved too weak to put out its flames. After a squabble, two of the Flame Generals combined their Flame Demons TankEn and KaniEn into a fused creature called KaniTankEn and badly damaged Rescue Striker. Enraged at the damage done to the veteran machine, Tatsuya recklessly tried to stop the monster on top of Dash-1 with his Tri-Basher, resulting in him getting blasted by the monster. But Rescue Striker, somehow sensing Tatsuya's fighting spirit, leaped into the path of KaniTankEn and sacrificed itself to save Tatsuya, taking fatal damage to its systems and bursting into flames. After avenging the machine with the newly formed Super Fire Dragon, the Rescue Fire team saluted their fallen mecha comrade.

The Team salutes the fallen Rescue Striker after their victory.

Additional Formations

  • Rescue Striker could combine with the Medium-scale Rescue Vehicles to form various combinations.
    • With Rescue Riser, Rescue Striker could become Riser Striker.
    • With Rescue Shovel, Rescue Striker could become Shovel Striker.
    • With Rescue Drill, Rescue Striker could become Drill Striker.
    • With Rescue Turbo, Rescue Striker could become Turbo Striker.
    • With Rescue Dozer, Rescue Striker could become Dozer Striker.
  • Rescue Striker could combine with Rescue Saver to form Rescue Max.
    • Rescue Max could further combine with Rescue Drill and Rescue Dozer to form Rescue Max Drill-Dozer.
  • Rescue Striker could combine with Rescue Diver to form Jet Vehicle Mode or Super Rescue Max.
    • Super Rescue Max could combine with Rescue Crane to form Super Rescue Max Crane.
  • Rescue Striker could combine with Rescue Saver, Rescue Riser, Rescue Shovel, Rescue Drill, Rescue Turbo, and Rescue Dozer to form God Striker.
  • Rescue Striker could combine with Rescue Saver, Rescue Diver, and all six Medium-scale Rescue Vehicles to form Great God Striker.


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