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Captain Taiga
Riku Taiga
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Captain of the Rescue Fire team
Season: Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire
First Appearance: A New Enemy: The Roaring Fire Dragon
Last Appearance: The Final Decisive Battle: Explosively Extinguish Donkaen!
Number of Episode
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Actor: Masataka Fujishige
"Mission Clear! *snaps fingers*"
―Captain Taiga after stopping an Extreme Fire

Riku Taiga is the captain of the Rescue Fire team and a supporting character of Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire

Character History

A few years before the start of the series, Riku became the sole testing candidate of the UFDA's Fire Suit experiment program. He tested all of the Fire Suits in simulated disasters in the research lab. He endured brutal extremes, malfunctions to the suits and almost died several times. While Bunji Saeki insisted that he pull out to recover, Riku refused, intending to see the project's completion so that his future subordinates could utilize and equip the suits safely and not suffer any flaws of the design in the field. The tests caused permanent nerve damage to his body and strained his heart to its limit, resulting in Riku being unable to equip into a suit ever again as the resulting transformation would possibly kill him. Despite this, Riku trained very hard to recover from some of the damage done to his body and to become a candidate for Rescue Fire's position as captain. Eventually, he was appointed as captain by Director Reiji Osakabe.

During Rescue Fire


  • Rescue Megaphone- Captain Taiga has a Rescue Megaphone to execute the Fire Phoenix's Final Rescue, Freezing Cannon in an emergency or to summon a Rescue Vehicle. Due to the live tests of the Fire Suits causing severe strain on his body and at some points nearly killing him, Taiga is unable to Suit-Up.
  • Rescue Dash-6




Riku equipped into the Fire-1 Fire Suit during its testing phase. While using it, the suit's power short circuited and electrocuted him after its structural integrity was compromised due to damage. This almost killed him, as his heart went into cardiac arrest due to the strain of wearing all five Fire Suits combined with the electric shock.


Fire-2 profile 2


When Riku tested the Fire-2 Fire Suit, it originally lacked any strength enhancements or they failed to work properly, as Riku was pinned under falling debris in a test simulation when he tried to push the debris away from him.


Fire-3 Profile


When field testing the Fire-3 suit, Riku nearly suffocated during a smoke environment simulation due to a flaw in the suit's oxygen filtration system.


Fire-4 tabber image


Riku equipped into the Fire-4 suit during its field test. While evading explosions in the simulation, the right leg of the suit seized up due to damage or a malfunction as well as nerve damage to Riku's body.




Riku equipped into the Fire-5 suit during its field test. The suit malfunctioned during a strength test, as steam shot out of the suit's chest area. (Presumably from the strength enhancements overheating)



  • If Captain Taiga was able to Suit Up, it is likely his designation would have been Fire-6, as he primarily uses the Rescue Dash-6 vehicle.
  • Riku Taiga is the only one to wear all five Fire Suits in the show.


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Behind the Scenes

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