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Rin Sakyo
Gender: Female
Ally Type:
Season: Madan Senki Ryukendo
First Appearance: This is the Hero!
Last Appearance:
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Actor: Kumi Iruma

Rin Sakyo is SHOT's operator and secretary at the Akebono Police Station. Had a brother, now deceased, who sought to protect the fireflies at his lake so that Rin could be happy. Appears to be close to Kenji, even though he couldn't get her name right when they first met.

She actually has deep feelings for him. When she was asked for a marriage interview, she was the one who was very sad on Kenji allowing her to date Hiroshi. Later she abandons him and helps Kenji by giving him his key. Later, when Jackmoon was revived in episode 51, she asks Kenji for a movie as a Christmas date even if on the orders of SHOT Commander Amachi to which Fudo agreed.

As a girl, she is good hearted, caring and sometimes dangerous. Her temper is sometimes her greatest fault, going so far as to even slap Kenji as he is always involved in arguing with her.

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Behind the Scenes

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