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RFire-Super Fire Dragon
Super Fire Dragon
Combined From: Fire Dragon, Dozer Dragon, Turbo Dragon
Show: Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire
First Appearance: The Striker is in a Pinch! Go Three-Piece Combination
Last Appearance:
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Length: 30 m
Width: n/a m
Height: n/a m
Weight: 97 t
Speed: 300 km/h

Super Fire Dragon (スーパーファイアードラゴン Sūpā Faiā Doragon) is the first Rescue Combination Vehicle of the Rescue Fire team. It is a fusion of Fire Dragon, Dozer Dragon and Turbo Dragon. Its Final Rescue is the Super Ice Tornado (スーパーアイストルネード Sūpā Aisu Torunēdo), an improved version of the Ice Tornado that freezes the enemy, followed by the Super Dragon Attack (スーパードラゴンアタック Sūpā Doragon Atakku), a supercharged Dragon Attack that channels power from all three vehicles and then fires Dash-1 towards the target with three times the impact on the enemy.


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Fire Dragon

RFire-Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon
Pilot: Fire-1
Length: 36 m
20 m
Weight: 48 tons
Speed: 250 km/h

Fire Dragon is a large fire engine trailer truck assigned to Fire-1. Like its predecessor, Rescue Striker, it is designed to put out most large fires instantly. In Rescue Mode, the trailer extends out its ladder and deploys its water cannons. It can also carry small vehicles in its trailer in Scramble Mode. Its Final Rescue is the Ice Tornado (アイストルネード Aisu Torunēdo) which fires twin streams of icy water at the enemy to freeze them, before a Dragon Attack (ドラゴンアタック Doragon Atakku) shoots the flaming Rescue Dash-1 to finish the target off.

Dozer Dragon

RFire-Dozer Dragon
Dozer Dragon
Pilot: [[Fire-2]]
Length: 17 m
13 m
Weight: 30 tons
Speed: 180 km/h
90 km/h

Dozer Dragon is a bulldozer vehicle made for Fire-2. It specializes in brute strength and works to crush obstacles in the way of rescue. In Scramble Mode, its two buckets are stored in the rear, while in Rescue Mode they are pulled to the front. Dozer Dragon's finisher- and only projectile move- is its Bind Crush, which causes an impact that generates a path of ice. The path eventually reaches the Fire Majin, freezing it, before finishing with a Dragon Attack.

Turbo Dragon

RFire-Turbo Dragon
Turbo Dragon
Pilot: [[Fire-3]]
Length: 9 m
Weight: 19 tons
Speed: 280 km/h
200 km/h

Turbo Dragon is a turbofan vehicle made for Fire-3. Being the smallest of the three dragon units, Turbo works quickly to attack without taking much damage. Its transformation from Scramble to Rescue Mode is rather bland, with the turbofan being raised, and it inconsistently switches modes whenever. Its finisher is the Blast Hurricane, which fires a giant gust of wind that somehow freezes the opponent, leaving it open for a Dragon Attack.

Additional Formations

  • Super Fire Dragon could combine with Super Jet Falcon to form Great Wyvern.
    • Great Wyvern could further combine with X-Dragon and GaiaLeon to form Great Wyvern GX.
  • Fire Dragon could combine with X-Dragon to form Rescue King.
  • Dozer Dragon and Turbo Dragon could combine with Super Jet Falcon to form Wyvern Cannon.
  • Fire Dragon could combine with the upgraded Medium-scale Rescue Vehicles to form Cerberus Dragon.


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