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The Captain General's Concern: Crashing Commander Ishiguro
Tomica Hero: Rescue Force, Episode 19
Air date August 9, 2008
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The Rookie or the Great Veteran? R5 Enters
Remember the Glass Slipper? Juri's First Love

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Commander Nanbu is worried about Captain Ishiguro's impulsive behavior as R5 and asks the team to try to work with him and help him through his depression. The Rescue Force save two drivers from a wrecked truck caused by a Terra Resetter energy wave. The team then learns that the truck's cargo was a new experimental liquid explosive that is highly volitile to motion and the amount inside has the destuctive force of a nuclear bomb. With R5's help, Rescue Force must stop the Terra Resetter and try to keep the Meganitro X from detonating while fending off Neo Thera.


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Rescue Vehicles Used

  • Core Striker
  • Core Aider
  • Rescue Striker
  • Rescue Saver
  • Rescue Riser
  • Rescue Turbo

Rescue Fusions:

  • Riser Striker
  • Turbo Saver

Post-Credits, Rei gives more tips on earthquake safety:

  • Check to make sure your family and neighbors are safe
  • Cooperate with rescue/relief workers and medics.
  • Make sure its safe to leave before evacuating after the quake. Check for electricity and gas.