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The Rookie or the Great Veteran? R5 Enters
Tomica Hero: Rescue Force, Episode 18
R5 is here!
Air date August 2, 2008
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The Captain General's Concern: Crashing Commander Ishiguro

The Rookie or the Great Veteran? R5 Enters is the eighteenth episode of Tomica Hero: Rescue Force. It feature the first transformation and debut of Captain Ishiguro as R5.


Constant exposure to the Terra Resetter waves and the team's reckless use of their equipment has caused extensive damage to the Rescue Suits and Tools and they must be repaired. Hikaru learns that there was a fifth member of Rescue Force during its first iteration. While the team tries to relax, a Terra Resetter is activated and they must don their Rescue Suits before repairs are finished. This results in them being in a weakened state and in danger of losing to Neo Thera until the legendary R5 appears to save them!


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Rescue Vehicles Used:

  • Core Striker
  • Rescue Striker
  • Rescue Shovel
  • Rescue Riser
  • Rescue Saver
  • Rescue Turbo
    • Turbo Saver
  • Rescue Drill
  • Wave Search
  • Power Search
  • During his first fight, R5 behaved much like a Kamen Rider from the Showa era.