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The Weatherwoman's Depression
Tomica Hero: Rescue Force, Episode 12
Air date June 21, 2008
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The Professor Appears: Rescue Special Lecture
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The Weatherwoman's Depression is the twelfth episode of Tomica Hero: Rescue Force. It features the debut of the Rescue Vehicle, Rescue Turbo.


The team is going to be interviewed by a local TV station and show how Rescue Force trains and prepares for disasters. The Captain is going to be busy so he asks for one of his teammates to go in his place. However, Kyosuke and Hikaru get into a rivalry as they wish to be noticed by the news studio's weathergirl, Kiara Amamiya. Maare uses a weather Disaster Maker to create chaotic and bizarre storms to discredit Kirara out of jealousy for the attention everyone gives her. When R1 and R2 try to cheer up Kirara on live TV, San and Sica become jealous and all three Executives use the Disaster Maker to create a tornado.


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  • When Marre is scheming her plan to use the Weather Crisis Maker, viewers can clearly and briefly see the breath of the suit actor coming out of the costume, when Marre is supposed to be machine. This indicates that the time of the location the crew was shooting at was on a cold spring day. While the episode aired in June, it was likely filmed in April or early May, as it would be odd for such cold temperatures to occur during the summertime.
  • Most of the storm disasters are done well effects-wise and create the illusion of different kinds of weather. However, the one with the hail is where a man runs for cover under a tree is not very convincing, as it is shown to be a clear, cloudless sunny day in the background and some of the hail is at a trajectory indicating it is being thrown by the effects crew rather than falling from the sky.


Rescue Vehicles Used

  • Core Striker
  • Core Aider
  • Rescue Striker
  • Rescue Turbo
    • Turbo Striker