This article is about a/an organization in Tomica Hero: Rescue Force and Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire.

The United Fire-Defense Agency (or UFDA) is the organization behind the Rescue Force and Rescue Fire Teams. Their goal is to prevent extreme disasters and fires that are too abnormal for regular rescue squads to handle.


  • Reiji Osakabe - Director of the UFDA and formerly R0
  • Obuchi- Formerly the first R1, turned into the evil leader of Neo Thera, Daen, by Batsu. (Deceased)
  • Naomi Okamura - Chief of the UFDA's System Development Department and Anti-Android Research, former R3
  • Natsuno Nanbu - The Supreme commander of Rescue Force, formerly the first R4 and briefly became RU.
  • Hikaru Todoroki - The second R1, field leader of the Second Generation Rescue Force
  • Kyosuke Jinrai -The second R2, second-in-command and one of the pilots of Rescue Max.
  • Rei Kozuki - The second R3, field combatant and the team's training and public safety instructor.
  • Juri Shiraki - The second R4, the team's paramedic.
  • Eiji Ishiguro - Rescue Force captain, R5
  • Ritsuko Kanzaki - Chief of the Technology Research and Development branch.
  • Bunji Saeki - Chief Engineer of Rescue Vehicle maintenance.
  • Riku Taiga - Rescue Fire captain, Seminar instructor
  • Tatsuya Homura - Trainee rescue worker and user of the Fire-1 Fire Suit
  • Yuma Megumi- Paramedic rescue worker and user of the Fire-2 Fire Suit
  • Ritsuka Yuki- Field combatant and user of the Fire-3 Fire Suit
  • Jun Watari
  • Tamami Sugiyama - cafeteria girl