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"X Suit-Up!"
―Activation phrase
―Fire-1 when summoning his enhanced form
"Charge Up!"
―The X-Basher while charging Rescue Soul from the X Wheel

The Rescue Extinguishing Sword X-Basher (レスキュー消火剣エクスバッシャー Resukyū Shōkaken Ekusu Basshā) or simply the X-Basher, is Fire-1's personal secondary weapon, enhanced transformation device and Rescue Tool. It uses a key below the right quillon to activate its functions.


The X-Basher was created from the Ryudouken (龍導剣 Ryūdōken, Dragon Guiding Sword), an ancient weapon with five Blue Orbs (青き珠 Aoki Tama) installed on it which defeated Donkaen in the past. Over time, the orbs disappeared and the sword became embedded in its resting place behind Donkaen's throne until Asuka finds and frees it. Though it was heavy and rusted, the Ryudouken transforms when it reacted to Fire-1's Rescue Soul.


  • Sword Mode (ソードモード Sōdo Mōdo?): The Tool's default mode
  • Fire Extinguish Gun Mode (消火銃モード Shōkajū Mōdo?)

Key Changes

  • X-FIRE UP: Transforms Fire-1 into Fire-1 X form upon the Key Change command "X Suit-Up" (エクス着装 Ekusu Chakusō?). Fire-1 turns the key to the X-Equip position and spins the X-Wheel in the crossguard of the blade, channeling his Rescue Soul into a Dragon Charge and then pressing the button near the hilt of the blade to activate the transformation. However, the form has a 5 minute time limit due to the strain the sword's power causes to Fire-1's body.
  • X-ATTACK: Executes the Dragon King X-Slash (龍王エクス斬り Ryūō Ekusu Giri?), which is normally used against a single opponent.
  • F-RESCUE: Executes Rescue King's Final Rescue, the X Crash.



  • The name of the X-Basher's original form, the Ryudouken, is an anagram of Ryukendo.
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