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Yuma Megumi
Yuma Megumi/Fire-2
Name Yuma Megumi
Gender: Male
Season(s): Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire
Color(s): Silver
First Appearance: A New Enemy: The Roaring Fire Dragon
Last Appearance:
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Actor: Yu Kawada
Fire-2 Profile

Yuma Megumi also known as Fire-2 is a member of the Rescue Fire Team. He serves at the team's paramedic.

Character History

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Fire-2 is Yuma's fire suit. Aside from having the standard equipment, it also comes equipped with a Rescue Breaker to accommodate Yuma's Hikeshi style of rescue work.

Utilizing the Rescue Breaker's Break Axe Mode, Fire-2 can execute the Axe Storm (アックスストーム Akkusu Sutōm?) , a charged slash attack where Fire-2 spins around three times before releasing an "axebeam" of energy.


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  • Yuma's use of the Rescue Breaker's Break Axe mode is a modern variant on how hikeshi used a tobikuchi to fight fires in the Edo period. Tobikuchis are seen by many historians as an early example of the modern fire axe that firefighters use around the world.


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Behind the Scenes

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