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Zero Fire
Zero Fire
Number: none assigned
Pilot: R0 (Movie Only)
R5 (Currently)
Season: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force
First Appearance: Tomica Hero: Rescue Force The Movie: Rescue The Mach Train!
Last Appearance:
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Length: 73 m
Width: 18.9 m
Height: 15.4 m
Weight: tons
Speed: 150km/h

Zero Fire is a trailer-type Rescue Vehicle designed for carrying the Medium sized Rescue Vehicles in the event that multiple vehicles need to be deployed.


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Rescue The Mach Train!

Zero Fire was first deployed by Director Reiji Osakabe when the Rescue Force team was too overwhelmed by the forces of Neo-Thera to move large boulders placed by them on a bridge that would derail the Mach Train. Deploying the Rescue Vehicles from its trailer, Reiji used them on autopilot to move the boulders in the nick of time, mere seconds before the train arrived on the bridge. The vehicle was seen again piloted by R0 during the battle against the Metal Train, using its cannons to fend off the mecha when it attacked Rescue Diver Jet Vehicle Mode.

Rescue Force

In the main series, Zero Fire was built with Rescue Zamber by the UFDA, and was brought to the scene by RU and later piloted by R5. It deployed Riser, Shovel, Drill, Turbo, and Dozer, just like in the movie. Inside Zero Fire, R5 commanded Shovel, Drill, and Dozer to save Super Rescue Max Crane, while he led Riser and Turbo for an assault against the flying Jukein.

Rescue Fire


  • Like Rescue Crane, the design of Zero Fire's cab is a recolored version of Rescue Riser. However, it is much larger in size than Riser or Crane.